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Card «Convenient to withdraw»
Free withdraw cash from ATMs of Ukraine and branches of Bank Vostok.
We open and serve a standard card for 51 UAH per 3 years.
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Refill your card for only 0,7%
of account
1 UAH for opening an account
₴ $ € UAH, USD and EUR Cards. For non-UAH cards, we open an additional hryvnia account
₴ $ €
Manage and monitor the account via the Internet. Pay for utility services, services of mobile operators, providers and banks, transfer money and receive statements
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Get interest on the balance of funds. For example, if the balance at the end of the day is more than 10000 UAH, we will accrue 10% per year
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Up to 10%
Setting and
change PIN-code
You can change PIN-code of your card at online-bank or ATM. Your passport is required to change the code at a branch. Please note: do not use simple combinations and sequences 1111, 1234, 4321, etc. or your birth date in your PIN-code
Mastercard SecureCode/
Visa Secure
Technology is necessary for everyone who wants to protect themselves from unauthorized operations on the Internet.
Аllows the Bank to identify the cardholder when conducting an operation online
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SMS notification on credit and withdrawal of funds

Mastercard Gold (Chip)

Visa Classic

Mastercard Standard

Opening a card

150 UAH

on 3 years

50 UAH

on 3 year

Monthly service

20 UAH

Free of charge

Replenishing the card


in ATM or in the departments of «Vostok» Bank

Cash withdrawal

Free of charge

1.5% + 5 UAH

in ATM or in the departments of other banks of Ukraine

1.5% abroad

minimum 3 USD in equivalent at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine

Monthly interest rate to the balance of the card

0% to the UAH account

0% to the EUR or USD account

Service «Nakopilka» only for UAH accounts

4.95% to the balance at the end of the day up to 5000 UAH

8% to the balance at the end of the day from 5001 to 10000 UAH

10% to the balance at the end of the day from 10000.01 UAH


Free of charge

0.7 UAH

for one message

Mastercard SecureCode/
Visa Secure

Free of charge

Free of charge

Types of cards "Convenient to withdraw"
Mastercard® Standard

We serve a card for 3 years for 50 UAH

Visa Classic

We serve a card for 3 years for 50 UAH

Mastercard® Gold Contactless™

We serve the account for 3 years for 150 UAH

How to get a card


To come to the Bank with a passport and identification code.


Open the account in 15 minutes.


Within a week with a passport, pick up a card in the Bank.