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Deposit «Treasury»
Refill at any time. Receive interest once a month. Without early termination and partial withdrawal. We accept deposits in hryvnia, dollars and euros for 1, 2, 3 and 6 months. The deposit is protected by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.
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After the maturity of the deposit return, interest is not charged, and the agreement is terminated due to its complete fulfillment

Essential loan characteristics
  • Minimum deposit
    100 UAH
    200 USD
    100 EUR
  • Maximum deposit amount
    unlimited, unless otherwise provided by the contract
  • Rates of interest, interest per annum
    Length of deposit (maturity)
    1 month
    2 months
    3 months
    6 months
  • Payment of interest
    at the end of the term
  • Premature withdrawal
  • Replenishment
    any time


    50 UAH
    10 USD
    10 EUR


    50 000 UAH
    5 000 USD
    3 000 EUR
  • Partial withdrawal
How to make a deposit


To come to the Bank with a passport and identification code (if any)


Open an account and deposit money in 15 minutes


According to Article 1060 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, a bank deposit agreement is concluded on the basis of a deposit issue on first demand (demand deposit) or on the basis of the return of the deposit after the expiration of the term established by the agreement (fixed-term deposit). The agreement may provide for the payment of the amount of money under other conditions of its return.

Under a bank deposit agreement, the bank is obliged to issue a deposit or part of it on first demand of the client (depositor). The condition of a bank demand deposit agreement on waiver of the right to receive a deposit on demand is void.

Under a bank fixed-term deposit agreement, the bank is obliged to issue a deposit and interest accrued on this deposit after the expiration of the term specified in the bank deposit agreement. The return to the client (depositor) of a bank term deposit and interest accrued on this deposit on his request before the expiration of the term or before the onset of other circumstances determined by the agreement is possible only in cases provided for by the terms of the bank fixed-term deposit agreement.

Taxation: The rate of tax on income of individuals that can be received as interest under a bank deposit agreement is 18% of the amount of such income (clause 167.5.1 of article 167 of the Tax Code of Ukraine), which is withheld by the Bank acting as a tax agent when calculating interest under the agreement and is transferred to the state budget.

If, on the day of the conclusion of the bank deposit agreement, the client (depositor) does not deposit funds that make up the amount of the deposit to the account, the bank deposit agreement is considered not concluded, and the deposit account is closed by the bank without notifying the client (depositor), if provided for by the terms of the bank deposit agreement.

In case of untimely application of the client to the bank for the return of funds attracted under the bank deposit agreement(deposit), the amount of the deposit with accrued interest will be paid to the account specified in the deposit agreement, unless otherwise provided by the agreement.

It is prohibited for the bank to require the client to purchase any goods or services from the bank or similar or related person as a mandatory condition for the provision of these services (except for the provision of banking services package).

The Bank does not have the right to unilaterally amend the agreements concluded with the clients, unless otherwise provided by the agreement or the law.

The client has the right to refuse to receive advertising materials that may be sent to him by means of remote communication channels in future.

The application form for refusal to receive advertising materials is posted at the link in the section “Other”.

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