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You are between 22 and 65 years old


Have already worked as a seafarer for 2 years or worked onboard a vessel for 2 times during this time


For the last year were at sea at least for 6 months


You have your salary accrued to a card of Bank Vostok


You will be employed onboad a vessel in 2 months or earlier
  • Credit amount
    100 000 UAH

    But not more than one salary under the last contract.
    Or not more than two salaries with a positive credit history in our Bank.

  • Interest rate
    28% per year

    with a positive credit history with us

    30% per year

    without credit history

  • One-time bank fee

    of credit amount

  • Credit period
    The period of the next seafarer’s contract +1 month.

    But not more than 1 year.

  • Early payment
    Without fines
Calculate monthly payment
This is an approximate calculation, find out the exact amount
in the Bank.
How to get a loan


To come to the Bank with the following documents: passport, personal tax reference number (if any), seafarer’s book, the last 2 contracts to prove you were employed onboard a vessel, certificate from the crewing company, which indicated your position, experience, salary, the term of the next contract and the approximate date of departure to work onboard.


Draw up an application in 15 minutes.


Get a solution in 3 days.