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What are you receiving

Twice or three times more points for purchases in «Silpo» depending on the type of card

+1 point on «Vlasnyi Rakhunok» for each hryvnia spent in other stores and the Internet

Refill cards «Vlasnyi Rakhunok» at the cash-desks of «Silpo» without commission 

Card «Vlasnyi Rakhunok»
Card «Vlasnyi Rakhunok» Premium

Three times more points for shopping at «Silpo».
Top up for free at the «Silpo» box office. Join the Mastercard More program. Pay contactless.

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How to order online
Card «Vlasnyi Rakhunok» Premium


Fill out the order form


Receive an SMS confirming your order


Pay online


Get a card
How to get a card
Cards «Vlasnyi Rakhunok» Vilnyi and «Vlasnyi Rakhunok» Premium


To come to the Bank with a passport, identification code and a card «Vlasnyi Rakhunok», if any


Open an account in 15 minutes


Get a card. If the card is personalized, you will take a card showing your passport in the Bank in 5 days

The issuance of cards «Vlasnyi Rakhunok» with a payment function is stopped.
Choose cards «Vlasnyi Rakhunok» Vilnyi and «Vlasnyi Rakhunok» Premium.
FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
​What will happen to the points on the old card «Vlasnyi Rakhunok»?

They will be transferred to a new card along with bonuses and special offers as soon as you activate it.

Does the new card work if it is not replenished?

Yes, it works like a standard card of «Vlasnyi Rakhunok». But to receive additional points, replenish the card and make payments with it.

You also need to show a new card at the checkout?

Yes. Now you need one card to make payments and get points, but not two separate cards, as before. In addition, the points on «Vlasnyi Rakhunok» will be twice or three times as much.

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