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We install terminals for all types of cards, we take a commission of 1.5% or 1.95%. We connect online acquiring.

251 UAH— maintenance fee for one terminal
per month

1 UAH — a fee for one terminal with a turnover
of 60 000 UAH per month

Installation of acquiring in Odessa up to 3 days, in Ukraine up to 5 days

2 types of terminals: stationary and

Online Support

Tariffs “Acquiring Basic”

Acquiring 1.5%

For customers which utilize payment cards in their economic activities

  • 1.5% fee for each transaction

  • Transfer money to Mastercard Debit Business

  • Open a card for free

Fee schedule "Acquiring 1.5%"

Pricing package "Card to acquiring"

Internet Acquiring

Payment for goods and services on your website with a card of any bank

  • 2.6% service charge

  • Fast integration of the payment module

  • Online Support
How to connect merchant
and online acquiring


If you want to activate merchant acquiring, write to and ask for the application form.

If you want to activate Internet acquiring, write to and ask for the application form.


Fill in and send a form. We will contact you within 2 days.


Sign the contract.

For merchant acquiring, a specialist of the Bank will install you a terminal.

For Internet acquiring - to configure the payment module on the web-site.