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Transfers and payments

Carrying out operations with fast international money transfer systems outside Ukraine is prohibited by the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU)

We charge a commission according to the selected tariff package for transferring money from our card to cards of other banks. We cooperate with Western Union, MoneyGram, Welsend/Intel Express, RIA, SWIFT and Payoneer.

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Money transfers from card to card

Instantly transfer money from Vostok Bank card to Visa or Mastercard® card of any Ukrainian bank.

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Western Union

We pay transfers in UAH, USD and EUR.
Western Union has half a million branches in 200 countries.

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We pay transfers in dollars and euros. MoneyGram has 350 thousand branches.

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We send and pay transfers in Ukraine in hryvnia. We pay transfers in dollars and euros. Welsend has 3000 branches in Ukraine, 23 thousand in the world and a loyalty card.

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We pay transfers in dollars and euros. The Ria system has more than 500 thousand points in 165 countries.

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Виплачуємо в доларах і євро міжнародні перекази. Здійснюємо миттєві перекази в гривні в межах України.З PrivatMoney - переказ доступний до виплати відразу після його відправлення.

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We send and pay transfers in favor of individuals in dollars, euros, British pounds sterling, Swiss francs.

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We deposit transfers in dollars and euros from Payoneer to the accounts of individuals and sole proprietors opened in Bank Vostok.

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