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About Bank

Legal address: 49051, Dnepr City, Kursantskaya Street, 24

MFO 307123
Correspondent account 32005113501026
in the National Bank of Ukraine
USREOU Code 26237202

Bank details and correspondent banks

BANK VOSTOK — Ukrainian commercial bank. Belong to the company «Vostok Capital», shareholders of which are Kostelman V.М. (owner of Fozzy Group), Morokhovskyi V.V. and Morokhovskaya L.S.

О Fozzy Group

Long-term credit rating according to the National Rating Scale: uaAA
Credit Rating Forecast: positive
Rating of bank deposits: 5 (highest reliability)

Last update: May 28, 2019

Contact person in the rating agency:
Galina Vinnyk, Head of the Banking Ratings Division
+38 (044) 490 25 50

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Morokhovskyi Vadim Viktorovich
chairman of the Board of Directors since June 2012

Honored Economist of Ukraine. He has worked in banks for 25 years. From 1991 to 1995 he worked for Nord Bank. From 1995 to 2011 — for the bank "Pivdennyi", where for 12 years he has been the Chairman of the Board.

All management

We, the new team, led Bank Vostok in 2012. In 5 years we took 6th place among all 63 private banks of Ukraine, according to the NBU version. In 2016, we increased our long-term credit rating to uaAA-, which means a high creditworthiness and stable outlook.

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