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Bank Vostok organized a children's holiday in Odessa in the residential area Raduzhnyi

On June 1, 2018, in honor of the International Children's Day and the Bank's Vostok birthday in Odessa, a children's holiday took place in the residential area Raduzhnyi, in which more than five hundred people took part.

Within the framework of the event, quizzes on financial literacy and competitions, in which both children and their parents took an active part were conducted. The youngest guests of the holiday were entertained by animators in the image of their favorite cartoon characters "Fiksiki". A cheerful performance, children's aqua-grime and a place for photo made of balloons have left no one indifferent.

Bank Vostok tried to make the holiday bright and memorable. The event turned out to be childishly cheerful and charged everyone with positive emotions.

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