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Quick and easy payments through Google Pay and Garmin Pay with Visa card from Bank Vostok

Now Visa holders from Bank Vostok can make payments using mobile wallet Google Pay and Garmin Watch.

Visa and Google Pay

Google Pay is a quick and easy way to pay online using the card. To pay in stores you need to unlock a smartphone (Android version 4.4 and above, with NFC support) and tap it on the contactless terminal.

To start using Google Pay, you need to download the app from Play Market. Then you need to register an account and add your Bank Vostok Visa cards.

Using Google Pay, the actual card number is never shared or sent anywhere. Instead, a virtual account is used - so the data of Visa cardholder remains safe.

Visa and Garmin Pay

Garmin Pay is a contactless payments with Garmin watch.

To set up Garmin Pay, you should:

- download the Garmin Connect application on smartphone

- open the application, go to the Garmin Devices section, select your watch

- click on Garmin Pay

- add your Bank Vostok Visa card according to the application instructions,

 To pay with Garmin Pay, you need:

-to enter the menu on your Garmin watch

-to click on the icon with the wallet

-to enter the password that was set during connection Bank Vostok Visa card to the app (only for the first payment during the day)

-to tap the watch on the terminal in the store

Take advantage of contactless payment with Garmin Pay can the owners of smartphones on the operating systems iOS and Android.

“Most customers of our Bank make payments using mobile devices. Therefore, we are constantly working on providing modern facilities for financial transactions”, - says the project manager, Alexey Stolyar.