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The Ministry of Finance has appointed banks to pay pensions, monetary support and wages to employees of budget institutions.
It became even more convenient to pay by cards of Vostok Bank - now our customers, holders of Mastercard, can use the Google Pay mobile wallet.
In the updated rating of banks' stability, according to the version of the expert portal "Ministry of Finance", Bank Vostok has increased its stress-resistance rate. As a result of the 4th quarter of 2017, Bank Vostok rose up on three positions.
According to the experts' conclusions, Vostok Bank is included in TOP-10 of the most reliable banks in the ranking of financial strength of Ukrainian banks.
Among the banks that received a high stable evaluation in the rating, Vostok Bank is the only Ukrainian bank with a private capital.
With the help of the application «Mobile Bank Vostok» users will have an opportunity for one-touch pay from the smartphone with Mastercard cards and confirm purchases with fingerprints.
The service is developed on the basis of the existing Internet bank and has the necessary financial functions, over the expansion of which experts work constantly.
On May 30, 2017 a new Membership of the Board of the Independent Association of the Banks of Ukraine (NABU)
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