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Appeal of citizens

Please contact us with any questions regarding the bank's activities:

1. Orally, in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • at the 24-hour Contact Center phones 0 800 30 70 10 (free of charge for calls within Ukraine 24/7/365) or +38 044 393 70 10 (for calls within Ukraine and from abroad - at the rates of your mobile operator) 

2. By means of electronic communication:

3. In writing — use written appeal form:

  • send a letter to the address: 24 Kursantska str., Dnipro city, 49051
  • personally or by another person authorized to do so, leave a written appeal at any branch of Bank Vostok

Schedules of personal reception and telephone numbers for clients to register for personal reception

Guideline for clients, who apply for a personal reception appointment with the administration and officials

In order to receive a response to your oral appeal, you should:

  1. Report identifying information (according to Rules of providing banking products and services to individuals in PJSC "BANK VOSTOK")
  2. Explain the essence of the issue raised
  3. If the appeal was not resolved directly during the call - ask the operator the number of the registered appeal and wait for feedback
The order of consideration of appeals and personal reception of clients is regulated by Regulation on the organization of consideration of appeals and personal reception of clients in PJSC "BANK VOSTOK"

You have the right to appeal to the National Bank to solve the issues raised in the appeals, including cases if the bank did not provide an answer to the appeal within the period established by the law of Ukraine for consideration of appeals or the received answer was not satisfactory to you.


  • to the section Protection of the rights of consumers of financial services of the website of the National Bank of Ukraine.

  • to the Instruction on the procedure of consideration of citizens' applications, personal reception and access to public information in the National Bank of Ukraine, approved by the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine on May 14, 2020 No. 332-рш

Submitting an appeal to the bank or the National Bank does not deprive you of the right to appeal to a court in accordance with the law of Ukraine to protect your rights and interests.

The liability of bank officials is stipulated for:

  • refusal to accept and consider an appeal
  • violation of the time limit for consideration of the appeal
  • other violations of your right to appeal in accordance with the law of Ukraine

Term of consideration of the appeal is no more than one month from the date of its receipt. The total period of consideration of the appeal (in the case of its prolongation, if it is impossible to solve the issues raised in the appeal within a month) shall not exceed forty-five days.

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