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3-D Secure service

3-D Secure Service

Connect the 3-D Secure service (Mastercard SecureCode or Verified by Visa), and we will protect your card when making payments on the Internet.

With 3-D Secure technology we confirm that it is you who are currently paying the card, and we do not give scammers to do it instead of you.

How 3-D Secure works


When you pay on the Internet, you fill in your card details.


We send you a one-time password in sms.


You enter the password on a separate secure page to complete the purchase.

For reasons of safety the seller's website should support Mastercard SecureCode or Verified by Visa technology.

If it does not support, then you will pay for the purchase without a one-time password. On such sites, under the rules of Visa and Mastercard, the seller will be liable for fraud with your card.

How to connect 3-D Secure
Option 1
At the Bank's office, when you is issued a card, tell the manager the mobile phone number on which you want to receive sms with a secret code.
Option 2
During the purchase on a site that supports 3-D Secure, you enter the card data and you will visit a secure page. There you will be asked to register a card and activate the service. You will immediately receive your first secret code and complete the purchase.
Option 3
Contact the contact center on the phone 0 800 30 70 10, say the number of Visa or Mastercard and the mobile number you want to receive sms with a secret code on.

How to deactivate 3-D Secure
Contact the Bank's branch office or call-center at 0 800 30 70 10.