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«Loan for IT specialist»
We issue an overdraft up to UAH 50,000 for IT specialists who have an account in our Bank. Without a certificate of income and a mortgage. With a grace period. We make a decision in two days.


You are between 21 and 60 years old


You have been receiving a salary on Vostok Bank card for 3 consecutive months
  • Credit limit
    3 salaries

    we calculate 3 average monthly salaries for the last 3 months, pay attention to the amounts and credit history

  • Overdraft amount
    from 1 000 to 50 000 UAH
  • Annual interest rate
  • Grace period
    30 days
  • Annual interest rate in the grace period
  • Credit period
    365 days
  • Early payment
    Without fines
  • Tariffs. Loan package «IT Specialist»