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Smartphone Contactless Payments
Pay for your purchases, services or fare with Google Pay, Apple Pay technology of contactless payments and Bank Vostok mobile wallet.
Just put your smartphone or smartwatch to a payment terminal.
You have all your cards in your device, and payment is executed immediately.

Make your payments in a contactless manner by means of your gadget. 
Connect your Mastercard from Bank Vostok in our mobile application or in Wallet and pay through your iPhone or Apple Watch.

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Google Pay

Download application Google Pay and pay quickly and safely. 
In order to use Google Pay you need a smartphone with Android 5.0+ operating system and built-in NFC chip.


Pay for goods and services contactless by means of Garmin Pay digital valet at Garmin smart-watch.

Install at your smartphone with Android / IOS operating system Garmin Connect application, add Mastercard from Bank Vostok and make quick and convenient payments.


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