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Social program
We open and serve social cards for free. And we also submit your application for the transfer of aid to the Vostok Bank card in the social protection agencies.
Receive these and other social payments on Bank Vostok card:
  • unemployment payment
  • assistance in connection with pregnancy and childbirth
  • childcare allowance up to 3 years
  • allowance for temporary incapacity for work
  • monthly insurance payments
  • disability pension
  • survivor's pension
  • Assistance for the victims of the Chernobyl disaster
Social card
Open the card in UAH

0 UAH Free open and maintain the card

0%You withdraw social security in any ATM of Ukraine without commission

5% per year we accrue to the balance of the funds on the card when payments regarding the birth of the child

0,1% per year we accrue on the balance of funds on the card when receiving payments from the employment center

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How to get a card


To come to the Bank with a passport, identification code (if any) and a social assistance document.


Open an account in 15 minutes.


In 5 days, take a pension card.