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MoneyGram Transfers

We pay transfers in dollars and euros from 200 countries.
MoneyGram has 350 thousand branches.

Procedure for resolving disputes between participants and users of payment systems: all disputes arising between participants and users* of the MoneyGram money transfer system must be resolved through negotiations, as well as in court in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

* Users of the MoneyGram money transfer system are senders and recipients of transfers.

Currency exchange rate in the system is set according to Reuters rates.

The general procedure (conditions) of MoneyGram transfers can be found here

The payment organization of the MoneyGram international money transfer system is MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc. Location: 1550 Utica Avenue South, Suite 100, M/S MIN-8020, Minneapolis, MN 55416 USA.

Customer support telephone number of MoneyGram money transfer system: 0 (800) 50-32-73 (call within Ukraine – free of charge)

How to receive a transfer


To come to Vostok Bank with a passport and say that you want to receive MoneyGram transfer.


Inform the bank official about the control number, amount, currency and purpose of the transfer and the name of the sender.


If everything is correct, receive your transfer free of charge.
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