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Bank Vostok took part in the XII International “Black Sea Container Summit - 2018”.

On September 6, the XII International Black Sea Container Summit - 2018 took place in Odessa. More than 150 people from seven countries took part in it. The summit brought together the best experts in the field of container logistics and provided an opportunity for fruitful communication to the heads of transport companies, cargo owners, carriers, terminal operators, line agents, freight forwarders, representatives of government agencies related to the work of the transport industry.

Large part of the container business is served at Bank Vostok (international container lines, freight forwarders, container terminals, and so on). The Black Sea Container Summit was an excellent opportunity for the Bank to communicate with potential and existing customers, to learn more about their exigencies and offer the most profitable and convenient forms of cooperation.

According to Vladislav Rudenko, the Head of the Corporate Business Sales Department: “One of the main advantages of Bank Vostok is the fact that customers from the maritime industry are clear and strategic for the Bank. We understand all their exigencies, we have extensive experience working with representatives of this field, and therefore we are able to make decisions faster than other banks. With high quality and a flexible approach, we maintain a competitive service cost”.

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