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Bank Vostok credit rating affirmed at uaAA level with a change to positive outlook

“Credit Rating”, the independent rating agency, announced confirmation of the long-term credit rating of Bank Vostok at the uaАА level. Rating outlook has been changed to positive.

To carry out the procedure for credit rating updating, the agency used the financial statements of Bank Vostok for 2017-2018 and the first quarter of 2019, as well as internal information provided by the Bank during the rating process.

The borrower or a separate debt instrument with a uaAA rating is characterized by a VERY HIGH borrowing capacity compared with other Ukrainian borrowers or debt instruments.

Positive outlook points at the possibility of rating raising throughout the year while maintaining positive trends and leveling current risks.

Factors supporting a credit rating level:

- an expected increase in authorized capital;

- diversification of the resource base by sources of attraction and by major creditors;

- diversification of customer loan portfolio by major borrowers;

- an acceptable structure for securing a client loan portfolio;

- funds borrowed from related parties;

- an acceptable core activities performance indicators.

Factors limiting a credit rating:

- a significant amount of a foreign currency component in the client's loan portfolio, which may adversely impact the liquidity and capitalization of the Bank;

- a significant amount of funds on current accounts, which increases the liquidity risk sensitivity;

- mismatch of assets and liabilities by maturity date;

- impact of negative factors on the financial market, as well as low and unstable business activity in certain sectors of the economy, which may lead to a deterioration in the Bank performance indicators.