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Bank Vostok received the «Social changer» award at Mastercard Day 2020

Mastercard company held the annual Mastercard Day 2020 conference, this year the event took place online. The company has traditionally awarded the best banks that have implemented the most significant payment development projects.

Mastercard traditionally recognizes Ukrainian partner banks for the active development of card products and non-cash services jointly with the company, as well as the introduction of innovative technological solutions changing the payment market.

Bank Vostok has many successful social projects in cooperation with Mastercard: the possibility of contactless payment on the Odessa funicular has been implemented, now the bank is actively working on non-cash payments in Odessa trams. The program has been created on supporting the Green Theater — a unique social space, a favorite spot for residents of Odessa and guests of the city.

Moreover, it will be in 2021 when Odessa citizens will be able to evaluate personally the new project of Bank Vostok in cooperation with Mastercard.

«At Mastercard, we are convinced that today it is ever more important to be a responsible business and implement socially significant initiatives that make cities more modern and comfortable. Bank Vostok has already implemented more than one social project for its hometown Odessa. Together with the bank, we have launched many smart-city solutions: for example, contactless payments on a funicular or in trams. And all this is in addition to the bank's bold financial decisions. Therefore, we are very pleased to acknowledge Bank Vostok with the award «For Leadership in Social Projects» for the constancy in the development and support of social initiatives», — Anna Onyshchenko, the Vice President of Mastercard Customer Service in Ukraine and Moldova.


It should be recalled that at Mastercard Day 2019 Bank Vostok received two awards at once: «Let's make Odessa great again» and «QR & Masterpass solution for Silpo» for payment in the Silpo app using QR-code.

«Bank Vostok continues to be a socially responsible business, to pay special attention to innovations and constantly work on creating comfortable conditions for residents of Odessa and guests of the city. Contactless payments are very relevant in the fast pace of living and they meet the requirements of the modern consumer, so we will continue to popularize new technologies in order to facilitate and make everyday services necessary for consumers even more convenient», — Olga Tanhaeva, the Head of the Department of Operations with Payment Cards of Bank Vostok, reports.

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