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Card with cashback

Card for profitable payments. Get 0,7% cashback for purchases. Open online in the Vostok Bank application.

Order a virtual card online

For current customers of the Bank who install the application:

  • Go to the «All accounts» section
  • Click «Open»
  • Select the Сard with cashback

For new clients of the Bank:

  • Download the Vostok Bank application at the link
  • Open the card in the application. For this you need your passport for travelling abroad or ID card in Diia
Cashback accrual
  • Accrued cashback is displayed in the application
  • Cashback is accrued after the purchase is debited
  • Cashback is paid out on the last day of the month
  • When crediting, the bank will withhold income tax and military duty (in the amount of 19,5%)
  • Minimum monthly payment amount is 5 UAH
  • Maximum monthly payment amount is 1000 UAH before taxation
Credit limit on the Card with cashback
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Minimum amount to be paid out after accrual is 5 UAH, maximum – 1000 UAH per month

Transactions for which cashback is not accrued:

  • P2P transactions (transfers from card to card);
  • transactions carried out in the online bank/mobile application/self-service terminals of Bank Vostok;
  • cash withdrawal transactions;
  • МСС for which cashback is not accrued: 4829, 6010, 6011, 6536, 6538, 6050, 7511, 6211, 8398, 7995, 6051.
Cashback equals of the purchase amount
We open cards in UAH
Cashless crediting of funds
free of charge
Online bank
Manage and monitor your account online
free of charge
Get interest on the card balance. For example, if the balance by the end of the day is more than 500 000 UAH we will add up to 6% per annum to it
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Up to 6% per annum
Mastercard SecureCode/Visa Secure
The technology is necessary for everyone who wants to protect themselves from unauthorized transactions on the Internet.
It allows the Bank to identify the cardholder when conducting an online transaction
free of charge

Mastercard Debit Gold


Mastercard World Elite

Card issuance/reissuance – virtual (without a plastic card)

free of charge

not provided

not provided

Card issuance/reissuance – physical (with a plastic card)

150 UAH

1000 UAH

1000 UAH

Monthly servicing

free of charge

200 UAH

For payments of 20 000 UAH or more per month – free of charge

200 UAH

For payments of 20 000 UAH or more per month – free of charge

Issuance of a physical card at the request of a client located abroad

fee for card issuance/reissuance + cost, depending on the zone of the card order:

zone 1 – UAH 450, zone 2 – UAH 600, zone 3 – UAH 1000, zone 4 – UAH 1500, other countries, except for zones 1-4 – UAH 2000

To find out which zone the country of the order belongs to, please follow the link

Cash depositing of the card through the bank's cash desks

up to 30 000 UAH – free of charge, from 30 000,01 UAH – 0,2%

Cashless depositing of the card

free of charge

Cash withdrawal

0,9% + 5 UAH – in ATMs of Ukraine, branches of Bank Vostok, in trade and service enterprises

1,5% + 5 UAH – in branches of other banks of Ukraine

2,0% – abroad, at least 5 USD in equivalent at the purchase rate set for transactions with payment cards on the day of debiting

Monthly interest rate on the card balance



4% on the balance at the end of the day to 100 000,00

5% on the balance at the end of the day from 100 000,01 UAH
to 500 000,00 UAH

6% on the balance at the end of the day from 500 000,01 UAH


UAH 0.90 for one message

Push notifications

free of charge

Mastercard SecureCode/Visa Secure

free of charge

Types of cards
Mastercard® Gold
Mastercard® World Elite
Visa Signature
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