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Credit «Start»
For owners of salary cards. We open a credit limit to the salary card for free - an overdraft - up to 100% of the salary. You use credit funds and pay off arrears from wages.


You are between 21 and 65 years old


You have been working
in a company that pays
salaries through our Bank
for 3 months
  • Credit limit
    100% of the salary

    with a certificate of income

    1000 UAH

    without a certificate of income

  • Overdraft amount
    from 500 to 50000 UAH
  • Annual interest rate
  • Grace period
    30 days
  • Annual interest rate in the grace period
  • Credit term
    365 days
  • Early payment
    Without fines
  • Tariffs. Loan package «Start»
How to apply for an overdraft


To come to the Bank with the following documents:
- passport,
- personal tax reference number (if any),
- a certificate of income (if needed).


Draw up an application in 15 minutes.


Get a solution in 2 days.